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Tre Spade Tomato crasher SpremiTO Tre Spade
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Tomato crasher SpremiTO Tre Spade

Code: 58729-V

Tre Spade

Stainless steel filter


Electric tomato squeezer for family and small community demands size n° 3

- Tinned cast iron body and auger
- Stainless steel hopper and collector
- Stainless steel filter
- 220-240 Volt - 50 Hz single-phase asynchronous motor (motors with other voltages, frequencies and different power are available on request)
- Easily disassembled for quick and easy cleaning 
- Optional meat mincer body

Weight: 9,0 kg
Dimensions: 33x53x23 cm
Motor power: 300 w
Worm revolutions per minute: 160 r.p.m.

Base made of anti-slip alveolate material

Made in Italy