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Weber Electric Barbecue Weber Q1400 with apron to grill
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Electric Barbecue Weber Q1400 with apron to grill

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Electric BBQ Q1400 Weber with barbecue Verdegarden apron included 3 accessories and a glove

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The Weber Q1400 is designed for griller citizens, ideal for the balcony, terrace or small garden; lightweight and compact easy to use and carry. The main feature of the electric BBQ Q1400 is the ease of use: insert the plug, set the cooking temperature and the bbq is ready to be used. The quality of Weber technology allows optimum cooking without any difference with the charcoal or gas barbecue. The new smart fat recovery system allows easy cleaning after use, the brazier in cast iron of aluminum and 2 grids of enamelled steel cooking in cast iron make possible to cook many grilled dishes and to insert additional modules for cooking, as the plate for the pizza or the ceramic plate. The large lid allows to block heat and  to reduce consumption; the system is designed also to prevent short circuits. The Q1400 is ideal for cooking in total safety without bothering the neighbors with the emission of unpleasant fumes. The Weber is sold with the convenient and practical barbecue Verdegarden apron full with a spatula, a fork, a pair of pliers and a red glove. All accessories have a wooden handle.
Product of the 2017 series!