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Weber Portable gas BBQ Weber Q 1200 available in various colors
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Portable gas BBQ Weber Q 1200 available in various colors

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Portable gas BBQ Weber, easy to move, ideal for grill in day trip to the country

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The gas grill Weber Q 1200 is lightweight and compact , easy to transport and ideal for outdoor barbecue. BBQ Q1200 can be simply installed on a trolley, a table or a cabinet to be used anywhere and with great ease. Now grill is something that everybody can do and you can prepare any recipe thanks to the built-in thermometer in the cast aluminum lid for temperature regulation. The ignition is facilitated by the piezoelectric, the Weber grill is equipped with: 2 plastic collapsible shelves useful to support the accessories, trays to collect the fat, pressure regulator pipe for the gas cartridge. The brazier also made of cast aluminum and 2 cooking grids in cast iron make possible the addition of new cooking modules, as the plate for the pizza or the ceramic plate. Consumption is reduced thanks to the quality of the stainless steel burner and the effect induced by the lid.
The Q 1200 range is available in various colors.

Product of the 2017 series!