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Pramac Pramac PX5000 Single Phase Exhaust Generator
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Pramac PX5000 Single Phase Exhaust Generator

Code: PK332SXI000


Single-phase gasoline generator, maximum power 3.6 kw and 25 liter fuel tank

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The generator set with Pramac burst engine is a great tool for bringing electricity wherever it is needed.
Thanks to its wheels and foldable handle, the PX5000 Trolley Generator is easily transportable.
This model features a power Pramac 13 hp engine capable of delivering 2.7 kW in continuous service and a maximum output power of 3.6 KW single phase.
The large 25 liter tank allows a 75% load capacity of 15.6 hours, plus an AVR system that regulates the voltage electronically.
The practical electric panel featuring sockets, voltmeter, frequency meter and counter.
Easy to use, compact and highly efficient, the Pramac PX5000 is perfect for all semi-professional applications.