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Tranquilli Forni Convection oven Mod. Giove 80 Tranquilli
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Convection oven Mod. Giove 80 Tranquilli

Code: KTM-6065

Tranquilli Forni

Outside oven with cooking plain: 80 x 65 cm h44

risparmi € 100
€ 2.569,00 2.469,00

- fan assisted
- three hobs 65 cm wide. 
- plain cooking: 80 x 65 cm h44 
- dimensions: 85 x 95 x 65 cm 310 kg 
- cart: 85 x 95 x 65 cm 56kg 
- vent diameter cm12 
- thermometer 
- timer
- Tempered glass 
- cart with wheels 
- inside walls of the furnace removable
- Refractory plain 

It is the largest oven of the range, the flagship of Tranquilli Forni, with its three  65 cm wide hobs, it allows to cook large amounts of food. Everything has been studied in detail: from the roof steel, ensuring strength and durability, to the charming line, the elegance of the colors, the functionality of the cooking chamber which is characterized by the presence of two sheets of refractory resting on the interior side walls of the oven and coated by two further removable steel panels  which allow the height adjustment of the grids. It is the ideal oven for large communities, farm houses, pizzerias, restaurants, and for those who have many friends. 

All liquid painted, roofed in 304 stainless steel, fan assisted and illuminated by three bulbs. Two grids, two baking trays (with size 6 h and h 3 respectively ),a shovel for ash, a fire hook, a plate side shelf and a stainless steel front shelf.