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STIGA Combustion blower model SBL 327 V Stiga
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Combustion blower model SBL 327 V Stiga

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Blower with 27.6 cc petrol engine and maximum air flow of 10.2 m / min


The Stiga petrol blower model SBL 327 V is a multi-purpose instrument useful for vacuuming or simply keeping the green space and the dry foliage around your home clean, or for grinding them in order to always have the lawn in perfect order.
This blower features a petrol engine of 27 cc (0.8 kW), moreover its design has a compact size and a well balanced weight to ensure ease of use. The spring system isolates the motor from the handle, thus reducing vibrations. The maximum air flow rate of 10.2 m / min.
The suction kit includes a large 55 liter bag with single shoulder strap and included in the package.