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Pressure washers

The high pressure cleaners available on our site are the result of a meticulous design work that makes the Hydropulist Annovi Reverberi a high potential product ideal for any type of washing.
Available in various models to meet many different needs, the hot water heater ensures deep cleaning on all types of dirt. Various features make it a unique and inimitable product: the regulating knob allows you to measure the amount of detergent to be used while the glycerine pressure gauge makes it possible to control the pressure level; the command on the side modifies the water jet quickly and safely, and the hose reel allows the length of the pipe to be adjusted without excessive wear, depending on the use it needs to be made; Thanks to the multi-position, you can also use the high-pressure washer in a horizontal position while maintaining easy access to the control panel.
The high pressure cleaners can be connected to a large number of accessories so that they can cope with any type of washing.
The high pressure cleaner Annovi Reverberi is a fully made Italy product designed with the highest quality materials that assure reliability and quality performance.
Buy a High-Pressure Washer for Guaranteed Professional Results!