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Tactor lawn mowers

The lawn tractor is one of the most used means to cut the grass of the garden and keep the lawn shaved.
Unlike normal lawnmowers, lawnmowers are used for larger work areas and allow transportation on board the operator, they are diversified according to the type such as: mini-rider mini-riders with smaller dimensions, single blade and used for surfaces smaller.
Garden tractors with collection system with the possibility to convey the grass cut into the collection bag and be unloaded when full.
Garden tractors with side discharge that allow the evacuation of the grass shredded directly on the lawn.
They also provide the mulching cutting system to finely chop the grass and be reused as a natural fertilizer for the garden.
Depending on the needs, the lawnmowers can be chosen according to the characteristics such as: single or multi-blade blade, cutting width, type of transmission, type of engine of various displacement and power and that can be: Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki , etc. ... Among the major producers: Stiga , Alpina , CastelGarden, Wolf Garten.