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Sbaraglia Adrian Electric Blender for collecting 12V oil drums
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Adrian Electric Blender for collecting 12V oil drums

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Adrian Battery Charger with lightweight, robust electric motor, 100Kg / h production capacity

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The Adrian Electric Battery Barker is the only olive shaker to guarantee lightness, sturdiness and reliability.
The 1400 dynamic cycles per minute make the Adrian ripper the fastest and most powerful on the market among those electric cars, in addition to its extreme lightness, characterized by the 850 grams of the head and the 650 grams of the telescopic rod supplied.
This machine makes the collection of olives easier and less laborious, ideal for both male and female audience.
Made to be powered by a simple 12V 50A battery, the easy-to-carry olive shaker thanks to its standard 20-meter cable with terminals.
The collection width of 40 cm in open position and 30 cm in closed position, make its production capacity of 100Kg / h.
Robust interchangeable carbon steels make it possible to harvest the toughest olives and make it easier to penetrate even in leafy plants.
Made entirely in Italy , synonymous with guarantee and reliability.

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