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Payment Methods

The following payment methods are currently accepted by VERDEGARDEN:

  • credit card payments by PayPal
  • payments by PayPal
  • instant bank transfers

Safe Payment System SSL

When you pay online by credit card we use the secure payment system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). By confirming your order your credit card numbers will be transferred by using a secure server connection with encryption (SSL). IN NO OCCASION WE WILL RECEIVE THE NUMBER OF YOUR CREDIT CARD. We receive only the authorization to proceed by the server. This method is absolutely secure and guarantees either the buyer and the seller (Kipos srl). By the SSL encryption system nobody and in no way may it be possible to know the personal information put into Internet.

Payment by credit card or PayPal

When you pay by PayPal you will be redirected to The PayPal website. There you need to login with your PayPal username and password you confirm your payment. Your financial information will be managed directly by PayPal and VERDEGARDEN doesn't take part of it. If the order will be cancelled or VERDEGARDEN doesn't accept your order, the whole amount will be refund on the PayPal account. Any delays and/or disservice during this transaction VERDEGARDEN will not be liable for it.

Bank Transfers Payment (payment in advance)

When you choose the Bank Transfers Payment the order will be processed once we receive your money with confirmation by our bank.
The payment must be made within 7 days from the date of your order. After this time the order will be cancelled automatically.
Each Bank Transfers Payment must be complete with a reference: order number, order date, customer's name and surname.
The availability of a product is to verify at the time of crediting.

The transfer must be in favour of:
Kipos srl – Bank: Intesa San Paolo SPA
REFERENCE: Order number, Order date, Customer's name and surname.
IBAN: IT13 W030 6977 6011 0000 0001 985